Fraudulent Sales Disputes

Imagine the worst case scenario – as you discover you’ve been the victim of a fraud.
You’ve been sold a vehicle that was either:

  • Crashed

  • Clocked

  • Cloned

  • Previously written off, in Ireland or another territory

Car Inspections Ireland will help. Our detailed expert engineer’s report will focus in particular on the problem and the evidence it exists. It will also include a report on all other items on our 100-point checklist, so other potential problems can be identified too.

Fraudulent sales disputes

We will then present a copy of that report to the dealer as well as to you, and can help with action through dispute resolution processes such as:

  • Direct negotiation with the dealer

  • Small Claims Court

  • National Consumer Agency

  • SIMI (Society of the Irish Motor Industry) tribunals process

  • Civil litigation process and courts