The founder and Managing Director of Car Inspections Ireland, Noel Maher, has featured on an episode of ‘Conor Pope’s Consumer 999’ on TV3. The focus of the programme was on the high rate of clocked and otherwise sub-standard second-hand cars being offered for sale in Ireland. Noel was commissioned by the programme makers to give […]

Watch Out For Clocking

Estimates say that between 10% and 15% of all used vehicles offered for sale in Ireland have been clocked – i.e., have had their mileage to date turned back from the true figure. While it is illegal to knowingly sell a clocked car, that does not provide full protection to the buyer. The seller could […]

Shocking Scale Write-Off Sales

A Prime Time/RTE Investigates programme broadcast in May 2016 lifted the lid on the shocking scale of write-off sales in Ireland. The programme told how Ireland has become a destination for car write-offs being brought in from other countries, primarily from the UK but also from as far away as Australia. These ‘Category B’ write-offs […]