Lease and Return Disputes

Lease and return disputes are one of the most common types of dispute that Car Inspections Ireland is consulted on.

Lease and Return disputesThese can arise if you bought a new vehicle under a leasing agreement, and are now at the point where you have the option of returning it instead of continuing to finance it.

The contract will have a clause about how excess charges may be applied if there is more than reasonable wear and tear. Your idea of ‘reasonable’ may be different from the dealership’s, and you may find yourself being hit with a large bill for repairs.

That’s where Car Inspections Ireland will help.

How we’ll help

One of our network of professional and accredited engineers will fully assess your vehicle, carrying out the same 100-point check as for a pre-purchase inspection.

We can carry out that check at either the dealer’s premises, if you’ve already returned the vehicle, or at any other location convenient to you, if you’ve still got the vehicle yourself.

Our engineer will inform both you and the dealer of the main findings of the inspection, immediately after it’s been completed. He will then compile a detailed written report on these and all other findings, and supply a copy of it both to you and to the dealer.

The engineer can also negotiate further on your behalf with the dealer, if required.

With our expertise, knowledge, and standing in the motor industry, we will help you dispute any excessive charges, and negotiate a fairer agreement.

This service is available to both the private and corporate sectors, and can also be used in cases of dispute with car hire companies.