Shocking Scale Write-Off Sales

A Prime Time/RTE Investigates programme broadcast in May 2016 lifted the lid on the shocking scale of write-off sales in Ireland.

The programme told how Ireland has become a destination for car write-offs being brought in from other countries, primarily from the UK but also from as far away as Australia.

These ‘Category B’ write-offs have been declared unroadworthy and unfit for repair in their home countries, but the absence of relevant legislation here allows them to be repaired and put back on the road.

Follow-up figures showed that a whopping 10.75% of the 29,089 vehicles imported from the UK during 2015 had previously been written off there. That’s more than 3,100 vehicles that were deemed unsafe in the UK, but which are now being driven on Irish roads, with their new owners most likely unaware of that.

The problem becomes even worse, the older the car gets. For example, if you bought a six- to twelve-year-old UK import last year, there’s more than a one in five chance it was a previous write-off.

These vehicles can have problems that are highly dangerous or even deadly, such as:

  • Damaged electrics – more likely to cause a fire in future.

  • Damaged airbags and/or seat belts – could be the difference between life and death.

  • Poor bodywork, including pieces of two or more cars welded together – likely to crumple in the event of future impact.

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